Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coil Yarn!

I really loved having a go at this technique in spinning! Making a coil yarn! I spun a single of Mandie's hand dyed merino and then coiled it onto a core of crochet cotton! I'm really happy with the results!

Cheers Everyone!

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Yarns!!

Hey everyone!
I have some new yarns that i have spun!!
The first one is made from a
Wooldancer spinning batt called the colour of money! This was a really great spin!

The next Pics are all spun from fiber i have brought from the lovely Mandie at EGMTKs!

First is this lovely Optim hand dyed! Gorgeous to spin and so very soft!I have Navajo plied this! Lovely Pastel shades too!

This next yarn is a Super wash merino fiber that i have dyed myself in some autumn tones and plied with one of Mandie's great plying threads!

This next one is a sock fiber that i have spun with some silver Glitterati, this is a merino/nylon blend.

The Last two yarns are from EGMTKs! Fiber Club! Now when you get a chance please join up when the next club is announced! It is really great fun and let me tell you that you wont be disappointed in what you receive, if you love Mandie's colour schemes then you will love the Fiber club offerings for sure!

Now i cant remember for sure the months i received these! The first one is two singles pied together and the second one again is plied with one of Mandie's lovely Plying threads!

So thats it for today and what i have been "growing" so far!

Cheers everyone!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bendigo Wool Show!

What can i say, there is a wealth of inspiration by just attending this show and seeing every ones creative pursuits! There was so much to see and so much to buy and so much talent! I really need to save more money for next year!

This show is also one you plan for from year to year..there is no question of whether you will be bothered with the following year! It's a must see for any fiber enthusiast!

I also went in support of my gal pal Mandie from EGMTK! who along with Ruth from Sheepychic and Donni of Mogs Blog had a fabulous stall! Each of these ladies is very uniquely talented! No matter what fiber related item you are after each of these women will have something to offer! So definitely check out their respective websites!

I also got to meet some fantastic fiber friends as well, which is always good fun! Thanks especially to Kate, who is a lovely gal that i got to have a good chat with as we had a wander around! (thanks Kate!!!)

So all in all, if anyone if ever contemplating attending the Bendigo Wool Show i definitely recommend it! You wont regret it one bit!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to Start the Process?

I figured to get things done i need a plan of action, that covers all aspects of my life...again to find the balance.
So my first thought is basically at the start of the week to have a "to do list" or list of mini goals for the week and have them in categories....ie spinning, website/blog, house, fitness/health. Then at the end of each week i can review what i achieved and what i needed to do better on and also revise what is realistic! This in turn should help me become more organised and therefore more productive and closer to finding that essential balance.
Therefore it should lead me to find areas i want to grow in and areas i need to grow in!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Time to start growing!

Hey everyone!!!anyone?? lol

Well i did have a BLOG before this one, but it didn't have many posts on it and i was a very slack blogger indeed! So i guess a lot of people may have been bored with that? Not surprising really!

So actually what happened is that i ended up accidentally deleting it because my attention as usual was pulled in about three different directions! Maybe that was fate stepping in!

So i decided to start fresh!

And truly it is my time to grow, i need to! This is my creative journal, this will be my record of pursuits in creating art! To explore me as a person, my love of creating things and how this makes me the person i am and why it is important for me to keep on pursing these things in my life that do bring me joy!

Also this will be a blog about how i balance these aspects in my life! I am a mum with a hubby (totally not an arty person at all) and i have four kids ranging in age from 8 to 16...frustrating times i tell ya!

This is my challenge...finding harmony and peace...finding my centre.

So stay tuned and see how Lili's Garden grows!!