Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Time to start growing!

Hey everyone!!!anyone?? lol

Well i did have a BLOG before this one, but it didn't have many posts on it and i was a very slack blogger indeed! So i guess a lot of people may have been bored with that? Not surprising really!

So actually what happened is that i ended up accidentally deleting it because my attention as usual was pulled in about three different directions! Maybe that was fate stepping in!

So i decided to start fresh!

And truly it is my time to grow, i need to! This is my creative journal, this will be my record of pursuits in creating art! To explore me as a person, my love of creating things and how this makes me the person i am and why it is important for me to keep on pursing these things in my life that do bring me joy!

Also this will be a blog about how i balance these aspects in my life! I am a mum with a hubby (totally not an arty person at all) and i have four kids ranging in age from 8 to 16...frustrating times i tell ya!

This is my challenge...finding harmony and peace...finding my centre.

So stay tuned and see how Lili's Garden grows!!

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