Monday, July 28, 2008

New Yarns!!

Hey everyone!
I have some new yarns that i have spun!!
The first one is made from a
Wooldancer spinning batt called the colour of money! This was a really great spin!

The next Pics are all spun from fiber i have brought from the lovely Mandie at EGMTKs!

First is this lovely Optim hand dyed! Gorgeous to spin and so very soft!I have Navajo plied this! Lovely Pastel shades too!

This next yarn is a Super wash merino fiber that i have dyed myself in some autumn tones and plied with one of Mandie's great plying threads!

This next one is a sock fiber that i have spun with some silver Glitterati, this is a merino/nylon blend.

The Last two yarns are from EGMTKs! Fiber Club! Now when you get a chance please join up when the next club is announced! It is really great fun and let me tell you that you wont be disappointed in what you receive, if you love Mandie's colour schemes then you will love the Fiber club offerings for sure!

Now i cant remember for sure the months i received these! The first one is two singles pied together and the second one again is plied with one of Mandie's lovely Plying threads!

So thats it for today and what i have been "growing" so far!

Cheers everyone!!


Taueret said...

beautiful yarn Suzi. Glad you are re-blogged ;-)

Suzi said...

Hiya Hope!
Thanks for taking a look hon!
I must be the only one that actually gets distracted enough to delete their Blog!!
Im looking forward to seeing the creations that come off that new loom of yours!!
I have also put an order in with hubby to get a knitters loom for my birthday!...the demo day Mandie had inspired me heaps!

wooldancer said...

they are all so gorgeousuo! hope you spun that cash in there nice n tightly.. gawsh knows how annoying it is to loose your money!! hehe.. i didn't get the pix if you sent them to me already ): did ya email them or? perhaps i'll go check out the flickr stash party...

Suzi said...

Hi Michelle!
Thanks for the comments and it is very frustrating to loose your money!! batts are lovely to spins up...and i did send some pics via email..i will send again and see if you get them ok! Thanks again for creating the lovely batts!