Friday, July 18, 2008

Bendigo Wool Show!

What can i say, there is a wealth of inspiration by just attending this show and seeing every ones creative pursuits! There was so much to see and so much to buy and so much talent! I really need to save more money for next year!

This show is also one you plan for from year to year..there is no question of whether you will be bothered with the following year! It's a must see for any fiber enthusiast!

I also went in support of my gal pal Mandie from EGMTK! who along with Ruth from Sheepychic and Donni of Mogs Blog had a fabulous stall! Each of these ladies is very uniquely talented! No matter what fiber related item you are after each of these women will have something to offer! So definitely check out their respective websites!

I also got to meet some fantastic fiber friends as well, which is always good fun! Thanks especially to Kate, who is a lovely gal that i got to have a good chat with as we had a wander around! (thanks Kate!!!)

So all in all, if anyone if ever contemplating attending the Bendigo Wool Show i definitely recommend it! You wont regret it one bit!!


wooldancer said...

hey Suzi, thanks for popping into my blogworld.. Glad you got to hook up at the show.. am keen to see how your wooldancin' spins look when your done, so do drop some pix in, k! spin-on!

Suzi said...

Hiya Michelle!
Sent the pics of the finished item! Turned out really well!
I will be posting here shortly some pics as well! The green is a gorgeous colour!

donyale said...

Fanks Suzi - I LOVED meeting you too - finally!